First Week

This week I learned five new words through my work and watching the Japanese drama: この世界の片隅に。(konosekai no katasumi ni)

刻み値 “kizamichi” increment, step value (noun)

お盆 “obon” the tray used to carry food and drink at a restaurant (noun)

会計 “kaikei” the bill at a restaurant (noun)

複雑 “fukuzatsu” complex, deep (adjective)

チャラチャラ “charachara” messing about, not serious (adverb)


〜なくて済む “~nakute sumu”

I read on another blog post that it means “get by without doing” but I think it depends on the context. However, I consulted other Japanese people and I found it can also have the emotion よかった。 “yokatta” or glad that something happened/didn’t happen. For example:


The window was left open, but luckily the cat didn’t fall out.

The video below has a little bit more information if you need it!



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